Meeting my hero, DWill

Meeting my hero, DWill

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doba Day

My work had its Birthday on Friday! What a fun day, it is pretty much one of my favorite holidays... It has all the greats.. Costumes, food, friends, remote control race cars, Rock Band plus I am getting paid! So much fun! My support team banned together and made a beautiful Oktoberfest scene.. Or as we like to call it.. OktDOBAfest! We cooked some bratwursts up, had some home made rootbeer brewing. I brought in Rock Band and set it up in our conference room on the projector.
Ryan came to play round lunch time, he dressed up in his ledarhosen (pronounced later-hosen) we had a giant horn that you can blow in. Every time brats were ready he would yell "Die Bratwurst sind bereit zu essen!" Which translates to "The Bratwurst is ready to eat!" It was hilarious, and adorable :) Doba had a giant blow up boxing ring that Emily and I went at it. Everyones costumes were amazing!!! Jimmy dressed up as a green thunder cat. Wes dressed up like Buddah, Sidwell was the joker, Cody was a hula girl giving out a free lei on Doba Day. Blaine, the CEO was a nerd.. Oh and his costume wasn't bad either! OH SNAP, jk he was a clown nerd it was funny. Sean was the Mad Hatter, he really did a great job with decorations all over the place and an awesome costume. Jeremy Hanks (the founder) surprised everyone and showed up when we all thought he was stuck in India still. He had quite the elaborate scheme to throw everyone off.. It was great, I was lucky enough to play a round of Jerpool with him. He kicked my trash.
Josh and I made some really cool cutouts of the Doba Spirit Winners of the past years.. Kinda a hall of fame, it was pretty cool..
We worked on them all week. This is HillBilly Jake in the picture with me on the right.

It just so happen that this year I was crowned the 2009 Doba day Winner!!! I won a sweet HD flip camera.. freaking B-A-D! Plus I get braggin rights for the next year. I was honored, really happy!

Later there were some sweet preformances, a bunch of fellas rocked out. Deven did some ninja stuff, Elwon did a hilarious Jeremy Hanks impression. Jimmy beat boxed. Oh and we got these sweet blankets that are made out of sweatshirt material that are all black and have Doba Day 2009 on them. Pretty cool. Dinner was served by Apple Spice Junction. It was awesome. Honestly probably the best Doba day ever! :) PEACE! Im out.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hope for Holli!!!! Hey I want everyone to check out this site. This is about my friend Holli, you need to check out her story and see if there is anything you can do! Her and I were introduced when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia officially. Her older sister Meagen works with me at Doba and thought we should talk to each other.. Boy am I ever glad she did! Holli is one of the sweetest people around.. I cant imagine going through the many of the fibro struggles that I have had to deal with if she wasnt around. I would like to think that we have been able to help each other, even if it has just that we could lend an ear that just even slightly understands what Fibro is like for someone about "our" age. No offense to anyone any other age. It is just the more people find out that I have it, the more I hear, "my mom has that" or "my grandma" or "aunt".. It is rarer that someone closer to my age has it. It is great to be able to complain every now and then and you know they can relate in many of the ways. Well back to the site, Holli has had a lot of health issues lately and is running out of options! Please go to the site and see if there is anything you can do, even if it is just pass this on to more people. Whatever you can do will help.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well, I went to summerfest yesterday. Caught the parade, fireworks, rainstorms and hung out with the Hirst Family (Nate Hirst). It was adorable seeing Ashley and Nate act as a family, they are the best. Ashley's Bridal shower was yesterday as well, it was way funny seeing both the Hirst Family and the Thalman Family get together, so simaliar and just great all around people! I had a blast with all of Nate's nieces and nephew. Even though I wasnt feeling well it helped being around kids because you worry about them, not yourself.
Im just taking it easy today, I have watched Tropic Thunder on DVD and The Generals Daughter and Independance Day on TV. So.. as you can tell I am being extrememly lazy. I will admit it is mostly because I feel horrible. Wish I had just gone to Instacare. My tonsils are huge! If you were to look down my throat the hole at the back of her is so tiny it is about the size of a regular M & M. I will be honest, with my throat being closed off and my allergies and asthma, it is getting pretty tough to breath. (breathe?) I cant remember which is which... Anyways, oh well.
My fibro is really hurting lately.. It is getting frustrating, at least I get to go to a Pity Party tonight with Holli!!! She is a blast, we went to the movie UP the other day. She has Fibro too and a ton of other stuff, if she can stick it out, so can I!

Good News!!! I bought tickets today for Ryan to fly home for a few days, we have the Evans family reunion going on so he will be able to catch a couple days. I am sooo happy, it will make a world of difference seeing him again so I can recharge my battery. In a way, I am so grateful that I get to experience him being away because it does exactly what it did back in the day.. Made me realize what I need and how amazing he is. Yeah I would like to be hugged or just hold his hands but it is soo much more then that. I want to joke around with him, eat with him, have a discussion about something with him in person, look into his eyes while talking to him. He is such an amazing person and I can't believe how lucky I am to have a husband that compliments my personality so well, he has qualities in him that I never new existed in people. I have never met someone so well balanced and simply the man of my dreams. Ryan I cant wait to see you!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kansas City Adventures...

So I went to Ryan in Missouri!!! It was a horrible idea, what it made me do is just miss Ryan a billion times more and have to say our sad goodbyes again! We both decided that we eat about 3 times as much as we would normally when we are with each other.. we ate at plenty of amazing BBQ places! We went to a Kansas City Royals game and met up with our pals the Fraziers!!! They were passing through and so we got to get some delicious BBQ at Arthur Bryants This place had awesome pics on the walls of all the famous people who have eaten there, I noticed Jimmy Carter. Recently Sarah Palin and John McCain have eaten there. This place is ranked in the top 3 in the nation! Way impressive. I cant even explain how delicious this food was Ryan and I split a sandwich and it was more then enough for both of us. It was very filling. Ryan and I saw the new Terminator movie at a way cool theater that had sub woofers under the seats, nice leather seats.. It was awesome. Well, now I am home and I miss Ryan all over again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Holli's Blog

Hey guys, I wrote up some things related to Fibromyalgia on this blog, she is the sister of one of my friends at work. She is also dealing with Fibro and she has been doing it much longer then I have and to a much more serious extent. But although the majority of our interaction is over instant message she has been a great help to me! Unfortunately some of the things that you deal with, with Fibro just can not be explained or comforted by those who do not really understand. My family and loved ones are great, and have tried. But I dont expect them to understand. It just feels soo good to talk to some one that immediately knows the pain that cant be described.. If I stated I couldnt get out of bed this morning. It could be taken soo many ways, lazy, long night, just a lil extra sleepy.. Or intense pain that just smothers you into your bed that it feels like your body literally has stopped communicating with itself and it takes every once of energy to sit up, but that feeling just rips you are part. When you have fibro, you are really scared to say things like that, and be that descriptive but when someone else has that same feeling, it feels great. You aren't just crazy or lazy or whatever.. It gives you strength! Thanks Holli! You are a big help!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missing Ryan..

Well, Ryan has been gone for almost 3 weeks now. I have really great friends who are around to comfort me. But I still miss my teddy bear Wyan!!! He is doing well, back in Kansas City, MO he was in Dodge City Kansas for the last 2 weeks. He was pretty sick that whole time, this blows my mind, he never gets sick. He told me yesterday he is positive that when I come visit him over Memorial Weekend that he will get completely healed. He has been working his tail off though so he is happy. Otherwise he said he would have came home when he had to go back to sharing a room with 2 guys (no offense Kev and Todd!).
For Mothers day, my sister and I took my mother to a spa in Provo ( We got 3 hour treatments it was amazing! Someone from work had asked me, well you aren't a mother, how come you got pampered too?! It is because I deserve it, my husband is gone, so I couldnt be a mother if I wanted to be ;) Anyways.. After I get back from visiting Ryan I will have plenty of his fun pics to blog about!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

GOODBYE MY LOOOOOVE!!!! -Dumb and Dumber

Ryan sweet Ryan has left my arms and ran off with my biggest competition for attention, Mr Kevin Howard. Kev's bro owns an alarm company so they went to do installs for the summer to hopefully bring in some sweet dough. They went to Kansas City, MO and are living the single life! I have had lots of support from friends and family and coworkers :) Ryan and I communicate mostly by gchat or phone tag. I discovered I ramble even on voicemail. He is just training right now, but hopefully things pick up soon. I just realized I wrote the word hopefully a couple times... Any who, I am doing well got an MRI done last week and we are trying some good ol fashion physical therapy for my knee, we will see how it goes. Congrats to my brother Jared graduating this week! So proud of you!!! My lil bro is engaged, and my big bro knocked up his wife.. So pretty much I have just been hurting myself for attention ;) Well, PEACE!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mexican Cruise!

At the end of March we took a spur of the moment cruise. It was well needed, Ryan and I drove down to Vegas and saw a couple shows also taught the Black Jack tables a thing or two.. then went on to San Pedro, CA were we boarded the Carnival Splendor, aka the funship. It was beautiful, I will admit the food was better on our Princess Cruise but the age average was about 30 years younger, lots of fun! We stopped in Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas (AMAZING!) In Ensenada we did a tour to La Bufadora (the Blow hole) were our tour guide Jaimie had us rolling in our seats. Coming from one tour guide to another, I give him a 9! I even saw him handle some way awkward situations. Anyways, on to Cabo, we went para sailing and did some water taxiing, went to El Archo, an amazing arch on the beaches end of Cabo. On top of that we ate some tacos and did some shopping. Really fun trip! Oh Oh!! Also, on our last night on the ship Ryan and I were walking on the deck, it was really windy.. I guess I had turned my head right when he went in to give me a sweet kiss on the cheek, he got my hair instead. I started making fun, and teasing.. saying "Oh Wyan, were you trying to be romantic?! Im Sorry!". He was laughing too, and then got serious and said my name all deep and got down on one knee. I started laughing harder, thinking he was just trying to make fun of it more.. Then he pulled out a ring from his pocket! It was the rose gold part I had lost about a year ago! He said "Rachelle, will you marry me?" I was laughing so hard tears were coming out, but they were also real tears, he was soo sweet. Then he said "Well..? I'm freezing down here!" So, I said yes! He later said, I can't believe you laughed at me.. I was like.. well you would have laughed at me if I had been all serious and OOoo'ed and Awed about it and cried for real.. He said, true.. So anyways, just a fun story. Sorry about rambling. Thanks for listening!
Dinner on the cruise, we actually made friends with the Spurs fans we sat with!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Allison Ivy Designs

So.. My sister and I started a dot com! It is our own website of jewelry! It is pretty sweet. This is the first thing my sister and I have ever really had in common. So it has been a blast, total new adventure. We make all the jewelry sometimes it is like a wave of artistic vibrations running over me.. other times it is we sit and watch a movie and maybe get one piece done. But we sold some stuff on Valentine's Day and made out alright, it is now just more of a matter of finding the time.. I will put some pics up soon but check out the site!