Meeting my hero, DWill

Meeting my hero, DWill

Thursday, April 30, 2009

GOODBYE MY LOOOOOVE!!!! -Dumb and Dumber

Ryan sweet Ryan has left my arms and ran off with my biggest competition for attention, Mr Kevin Howard. Kev's bro owns an alarm company so they went to do installs for the summer to hopefully bring in some sweet dough. They went to Kansas City, MO and are living the single life! I have had lots of support from friends and family and coworkers :) Ryan and I communicate mostly by gchat or phone tag. I discovered I ramble even on voicemail. He is just training right now, but hopefully things pick up soon. I just realized I wrote the word hopefully a couple times... Any who, I am doing well got an MRI done last week and we are trying some good ol fashion physical therapy for my knee, we will see how it goes. Congrats to my brother Jared graduating this week! So proud of you!!! My lil bro is engaged, and my big bro knocked up his wife.. So pretty much I have just been hurting myself for attention ;) Well, PEACE!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mexican Cruise!

At the end of March we took a spur of the moment cruise. It was well needed, Ryan and I drove down to Vegas and saw a couple shows also taught the Black Jack tables a thing or two.. then went on to San Pedro, CA were we boarded the Carnival Splendor, aka the funship. It was beautiful, I will admit the food was better on our Princess Cruise but the age average was about 30 years younger, lots of fun! We stopped in Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas (AMAZING!) In Ensenada we did a tour to La Bufadora (the Blow hole) were our tour guide Jaimie had us rolling in our seats. Coming from one tour guide to another, I give him a 9! I even saw him handle some way awkward situations. Anyways, on to Cabo, we went para sailing and did some water taxiing, went to El Archo, an amazing arch on the beaches end of Cabo. On top of that we ate some tacos and did some shopping. Really fun trip! Oh Oh!! Also, on our last night on the ship Ryan and I were walking on the deck, it was really windy.. I guess I had turned my head right when he went in to give me a sweet kiss on the cheek, he got my hair instead. I started making fun, and teasing.. saying "Oh Wyan, were you trying to be romantic?! Im Sorry!". He was laughing too, and then got serious and said my name all deep and got down on one knee. I started laughing harder, thinking he was just trying to make fun of it more.. Then he pulled out a ring from his pocket! It was the rose gold part I had lost about a year ago! He said "Rachelle, will you marry me?" I was laughing so hard tears were coming out, but they were also real tears, he was soo sweet. Then he said "Well..? I'm freezing down here!" So, I said yes! He later said, I can't believe you laughed at me.. I was like.. well you would have laughed at me if I had been all serious and OOoo'ed and Awed about it and cried for real.. He said, true.. So anyways, just a fun story. Sorry about rambling. Thanks for listening!
Dinner on the cruise, we actually made friends with the Spurs fans we sat with!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Allison Ivy Designs

So.. My sister and I started a dot com! It is our own website of jewelry! It is pretty sweet. This is the first thing my sister and I have ever really had in common. So it has been a blast, total new adventure. We make all the jewelry sometimes it is like a wave of artistic vibrations running over me.. other times it is we sit and watch a movie and maybe get one piece done. But we sold some stuff on Valentine's Day and made out alright, it is now just more of a matter of finding the time.. I will put some pics up soon but check out the site!