Meeting my hero, DWill

Meeting my hero, DWill

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doba Day

My work had its Birthday on Friday! What a fun day, it is pretty much one of my favorite holidays... It has all the greats.. Costumes, food, friends, remote control race cars, Rock Band plus I am getting paid! So much fun! My support team banned together and made a beautiful Oktoberfest scene.. Or as we like to call it.. OktDOBAfest! We cooked some bratwursts up, had some home made rootbeer brewing. I brought in Rock Band and set it up in our conference room on the projector.
Ryan came to play round lunch time, he dressed up in his ledarhosen (pronounced later-hosen) we had a giant horn that you can blow in. Every time brats were ready he would yell "Die Bratwurst sind bereit zu essen!" Which translates to "The Bratwurst is ready to eat!" It was hilarious, and adorable :) Doba had a giant blow up boxing ring that Emily and I went at it. Everyones costumes were amazing!!! Jimmy dressed up as a green thunder cat. Wes dressed up like Buddah, Sidwell was the joker, Cody was a hula girl giving out a free lei on Doba Day. Blaine, the CEO was a nerd.. Oh and his costume wasn't bad either! OH SNAP, jk he was a clown nerd it was funny. Sean was the Mad Hatter, he really did a great job with decorations all over the place and an awesome costume. Jeremy Hanks (the founder) surprised everyone and showed up when we all thought he was stuck in India still. He had quite the elaborate scheme to throw everyone off.. It was great, I was lucky enough to play a round of Jerpool with him. He kicked my trash.
Josh and I made some really cool cutouts of the Doba Spirit Winners of the past years.. Kinda a hall of fame, it was pretty cool..
We worked on them all week. This is HillBilly Jake in the picture with me on the right.

It just so happen that this year I was crowned the 2009 Doba day Winner!!! I won a sweet HD flip camera.. freaking B-A-D! Plus I get braggin rights for the next year. I was honored, really happy!

Later there were some sweet preformances, a bunch of fellas rocked out. Deven did some ninja stuff, Elwon did a hilarious Jeremy Hanks impression. Jimmy beat boxed. Oh and we got these sweet blankets that are made out of sweatshirt material that are all black and have Doba Day 2009 on them. Pretty cool. Dinner was served by Apple Spice Junction. It was awesome. Honestly probably the best Doba day ever! :) PEACE! Im out.


Rob and Jennifer said...

oh wow that looked like a lot of fun!

Ry and Heather said...

That sounds so fun! Too bad I had to work and my husband forgot to mention we could've come back :) I even have a costume I could've worn! Oh well---we still need to get together :P