Meeting my hero, DWill

Meeting my hero, DWill

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well, I went to summerfest yesterday. Caught the parade, fireworks, rainstorms and hung out with the Hirst Family (Nate Hirst). It was adorable seeing Ashley and Nate act as a family, they are the best. Ashley's Bridal shower was yesterday as well, it was way funny seeing both the Hirst Family and the Thalman Family get together, so simaliar and just great all around people! I had a blast with all of Nate's nieces and nephew. Even though I wasnt feeling well it helped being around kids because you worry about them, not yourself.
Im just taking it easy today, I have watched Tropic Thunder on DVD and The Generals Daughter and Independance Day on TV. So.. as you can tell I am being extrememly lazy. I will admit it is mostly because I feel horrible. Wish I had just gone to Instacare. My tonsils are huge! If you were to look down my throat the hole at the back of her is so tiny it is about the size of a regular M & M. I will be honest, with my throat being closed off and my allergies and asthma, it is getting pretty tough to breath. (breathe?) I cant remember which is which... Anyways, oh well.
My fibro is really hurting lately.. It is getting frustrating, at least I get to go to a Pity Party tonight with Holli!!! She is a blast, we went to the movie UP the other day. She has Fibro too and a ton of other stuff, if she can stick it out, so can I!

Good News!!! I bought tickets today for Ryan to fly home for a few days, we have the Evans family reunion going on so he will be able to catch a couple days. I am sooo happy, it will make a world of difference seeing him again so I can recharge my battery. In a way, I am so grateful that I get to experience him being away because it does exactly what it did back in the day.. Made me realize what I need and how amazing he is. Yeah I would like to be hugged or just hold his hands but it is soo much more then that. I want to joke around with him, eat with him, have a discussion about something with him in person, look into his eyes while talking to him. He is such an amazing person and I can't believe how lucky I am to have a husband that compliments my personality so well, he has qualities in him that I never new existed in people. I have never met someone so well balanced and simply the man of my dreams. Ryan I cant wait to see you!!!


Holli said...

You can stick it out! You are tough!

Rob and Jennifer said...

sinff sinff I feel for ya girl. Is he almost home yet?