Meeting my hero, DWill

Meeting my hero, DWill

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Missing Ryan..

Well, Ryan has been gone for almost 3 weeks now. I have really great friends who are around to comfort me. But I still miss my teddy bear Wyan!!! He is doing well, back in Kansas City, MO he was in Dodge City Kansas for the last 2 weeks. He was pretty sick that whole time, this blows my mind, he never gets sick. He told me yesterday he is positive that when I come visit him over Memorial Weekend that he will get completely healed. He has been working his tail off though so he is happy. Otherwise he said he would have came home when he had to go back to sharing a room with 2 guys (no offense Kev and Todd!).
For Mothers day, my sister and I took my mother to a spa in Provo ( We got 3 hour treatments it was amazing! Someone from work had asked me, well you aren't a mother, how come you got pampered too?! It is because I deserve it, my husband is gone, so I couldnt be a mother if I wanted to be ;) Anyways.. After I get back from visiting Ryan I will have plenty of his fun pics to blog about!


The Copelands said...

Ryan? Sick? Unheard of! I hope he gets feeling better, and I hope you aren't too lonely. We miss you guys!

Rob and Jennifer said...

how sad :(